(one pair included)

10" Vacuum Grips with Threaded Holes, capacity 175 lbs each
(one pair included)

10" Vacuum Grips with Threaded Holes, capacity 175 lbs each</br>(one pair included)</br>

"Must have in any glovebox!" 

You name it, vacuum grips can help. Attach all types of items for temporary use. Reduces the need to bolt items to the glovebox permanently. Place a vice in a spot temporarily and then move it out of the way when you are done using it. Hang shelving, magnetic bars for tools, magnifiers, lights, in and out of the glovebox.  Excellent for window changes.

  • Uses compressed air supply to handle flat glass quickly and efficiently
  • Excellent for quick pick and place applications with lighter loads
  • Ideal for loading and unloading manufacturing equipment


  • Silver aluminum accessory mount with 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 thread tapped holes for attaching equipment
  • Provides a reliable, temporary vacuum mount, without drilling holes
  • Rubber vacuum pad will not mark or damage most surfaces
  • Attaches to flat or curved, smooth, nonporous surfaces
    (Not for use on thin, fragile materials)
  • Red-line indicator warns user of any vacuum loss
  • Check valve allows repumping without loss of remaining vacuum
  • Easily replaceable handle/release valve and plunger
  • Supplied with vacuum pad protector


  • Vacuum Pad: Concave, 10" [25 cm] diameter 
  • Minimum Radius for Curved Mounting Surface: 13" [330 mm]
  • Load Capacity: 175 lbs [79 kg] per vacuum cup

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