Paraffin Bath
(two complete stations included)


"Reduce soreness and Increase Circulation!"

Paraffin baths increase circulation in the hands and wrists.  The improved circulation will reduce muscle tension in the thumb, help heal the symptoms of tenosynovitis, and reduce risk of injury for glovebox workers.  Workers dip their hands into the warmth of the paraffin bath and layer the wax 3-5 times. The wax then stays on for about ten minutes wrapped in mitts to keep in the heat.  The warmth increases blood flow which reduces injury risk.  Recommended before glovebox work starts or at the first sign of symptoms.

This professional bath is USA made to Class II medical device standards, and is still the only Made in the USA CE/ETL listed portable paraffin bath on the market.
Each unit is hand-assembled ensuring that each and every one leaves the factory durable, safe, and reliable.

Two complete stations included.  Each with:

  • Paraffin Bath
  • 48 One-pound replacement packages
  • 2 Insulated Mitts
  • 100 Mitt Liners
  • Hydrating Cream
  • Sanitizing Spray 

Always Safe - The Therabath Paraffin runs in an "always safe" temperature range and is designed to maintain the desirable therapeutic temperature range of 126 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Two internal thermostats ensure that the user will never immerse into wax that is too hot. In addition, the unit safely runs 24 hours per day (we say it's safer than your refrigerator!) so that it is ready to combat pain when the user is!

  • ALWAYS SAFE TEMPERATURE RANGE - even during the initial melt cycle!
  • INTEGRATED HANDLES - ease transport in the home, clinic or office

Manufacturing and Quality Standards:

  • Made in the USA since 1962
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty
  • FDA Class II Medical device
  • ISO 13485:2003 Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Standards
  • CE/cetL electrical safety rated - the only USA made paraffin bath approved for sale in Europe
  • Rugged construction – built to last