Custom Designed Work Platforms

Custom Designed Work Platforms</br>

"Work at the right height.  Use this safe and secure platform."

This particular platform was custom designed to fit directly between two ports without interfering with adjacent ports. The platform can be easily moved from station to station using the built-in spring loaded wheels.  As a worker stands on the platform, the wheels lock, keeping it from sliding or skidding.

This is a custom made product and price may fluctuate due to the cost of aluminum.  We will follow up with you to confirm your order.


  • Made of lightweight, fire-retardant aluminum
  • Features skid-resistant standing surface and internal floating swivel casters for easy mobility and safety
  • Capacity of up to 400 lbs
  • Available in: 2” (12.5 lbs), 4” (14.2 lbs), 6” (17.5 lbs)

*Custom Made Product!  Please Contact Us For Pricing.

(ten unit minimum on custom orders)

Our custom designed standing mats fit perfectly on top of work platform.

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