Offset Driver Attachment


"Increase your reach inside the glovebox!"

Excellent for accessing out-of-the-way spaces. Can be attached to a drill - perfect for allen screws.

The Right Angle Attachment allows you to drive screws and drill holes in tight, difficult work areas. This attachment is ideal for cordless drills and uses standard 1/4" hex accessories. It has a durable all-metal housing and steel gears with ball bearing construction which allows this adapter to handle up to 235 in-lbs of torque. The compact design measures only 2 inches wide allowing it to fit in tight spaces where work is difficult to perform. The convenient quick change chuck accepts standard 1/4" hex drive accessories.

1 - ¼" Hex bit reception
Bit locking mechanism
90° angle to shaft
Accepts standard 25mm and ball end reception screwdriving and drill bits

2 - 100% Quality German metal gears and housing
Precision metal bevel gears made from specially hardened steel for smooth running and the best power transfer
Excellent power transmission
Only 51mm high, it is perfectly suited for use in confined spaces

3 - Softgrip side handle for user comfort
Rotate to 360° for left and right hand use
Can be adjusted to 4 different lock positions by unscrewing the handle, moving into postion and tightening back up

4 - Two stage rear hex shank
Level 1: standard ¼"Hex shaft for either direct bit reception machines or into a chuck
Level 2: 10mm Hex shaft for improved grip in larger chucks for severe applications

Suitable for use in applications up to 40 Nm and Max of 1750 rpm
Drills forward and reverse.
Compact design
Suitable for drilling cable pathways between studs and joists

Dimensions: Length: 160mm, Width: 51mm

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